Says “signing a blank check is not a responsible trade policy”


WASHINGTON—Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur sounded a warning today following the introduction of legislation in the Senate that would give the President broad “Fast-Track” Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). Since 1976, U.S. trade agreements have racked up a $9.5 trillion dollar U.S. trade deficit and contributed to the loss of 47,500,000 jobs.


“Over the past four decades bad trade deals have brought millions of America’s working families to their knees,” said Kaptur. “These deals have outsourced millions of jobs and closed tens of thousands of U.S. manufacturing facilities, hobbled our economy and put the American Dream out of reach for countless working families. This is the legacy of U.S. trade. Yet even today trade fundamentalists in the House and Senate are pushing to give a free pass to global deals that would be even bigger and more dangerous. Signing a blank check is not a responsible trade policy, and would be devastating for working families in Ohio and throughout the country. I urge my colleagues to stand up for America’s workers and stop this madness now.”


Earlier today, Rep. Kaptur took to the House floor to respond to news that the pending legislation would not include Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). “The American people need much more than just assistance for thousands more workers whose jobs will be outsourced by the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” she said. “America needs trade deals themselves to be adjusted‎ so they again create jobs in America, rather than suck them away to foreign shores. It’s time for us to stop outsourcing U.S. jobs.”