December 19: Kaptur Calls for Swift Action to Help Middle Class


December 1: We Must Keep Wall Street Accountable


November 29: To Patriots Who Are Making Goods in America, We Stand With You


November 18: Let's Ask Ourselves What We Can Do to Serve Our Fellow Americans


November 17: Trillions in Deficits Come From Some Pretty Clear Sources


November 17: Let's Bring Some Reason and Justice Back to the Financial Markets of Our Country


November 1: As We Watch the Redistricting Process Unfold, New Forms of Voter Suppression Are in the Works


October 12: We Don't Have Any Balanced Trade Accounts. These Deficits Snuff Out Economic Growth. Didn't Anybody Here Take Math?


October 12: All NAFTA-Type Trade Accords Have Been Job Losers


October 12: I Strongly Object to the Imprisonment of the Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia V. Tymoshenko


October 12: I Oppose the Trade Agreements with Colombia, Panama, and S. Korea


October 11: Every Single Year We Have a Trade Deficit with South Korea. Why Do We Want to Make it Worse?


October 11: The Panama Agreement Undermines the Buy American Policies that Reinvest in our Communities


October 11: It's Time for America to Negotiate Fair Trade Agreements that Create Jobs in America


October 6: Congress Must Address the Real Damage Caused by Wall Street Greed


Oct. 5: Social Security is a Critical Program for Seniors Across Our Country


Sept. 22: We Cannot Hurt the Auto Industry that is Starting to Help the Economy. Vote No on this Republican Proposal


Sept. 20: Small Business is the Biggest Engine for Job Creation in this Country


July 29: We're Hurting America When She's Recovering by Edging Toward Default. Our Inaction Has Already Caused Billions in Stock Market Losses. We Must Work Together to Solve this Problem.


July 28, 2011: I Support a Balanced Solution to Reduce the Deficit, Create Jobs, Grow Our Economy, and Protect Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.


July 26, 2011: The Underlying Causes of the Deficit Problem


July 21, 2011: There's Plenty of Ways to Get the Funds to Balance the Budget. The Most Important Way is to Help Americans Get Back to Work


July 12, 2011: We Need to Get Our Deficits Under Control By Putting People Back to Work, by Ending Endless Ears, and Addressing the Trade Deficit.


July 11, 2011: Kaptur Amendment to Shift Funds to Solar Energy R&D Adopted in the House


June 24, 2011: Kaptur Supports Libya Bill


June 23, 2011: Vote for the Kaptur Rohrabacher Amendment

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June 22, 2011: HR 1249 is Patently Unconstitutional


June 15, 2011: Protecting America's Farmers

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June 14, 2011: In this Economy, the Last Place to Cut is Food

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June 2, 2011: We Must Return to Prudent Banking Standards to Restore Integrity to the Housing Market


May 13, 2011: Paying Tribute to Our Law Enforcement Officers Across Our Country

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May 11: We Must Address the Trade Deficit to Increase Job Opportunities in America


May 3, 2011: America's Chief Vulnerability is Our Dependence on Imported Energy


April 14, 2011: The Ryan Budget is a Roadmap to Ruin and Won't Create Jobs


April 6, 2011: In Memory of the Victims of the April 10, 2010 Plane Crash in Russia.


March 31, 2011: America Simply Cannot Afford Another NAFTA Called Korea

hflr03301100400032156 March 30, 2011: The Executive Branch Should Have Consulted Congress Before Striking Libya
hflr031511a024002926251 March 15, 2011:  I'll Tell You Where the Money Is: Wall Street Made $51 Billion in Profits Last Year


March 15, 2011: The Proposed NAFTA style Korea Deal Will Incur More Job Losses Across Our Country

March 10, 2011: We Must Close Tax Loopholes for the Financial Sector


March 1, 2011: Stand Up for Justice from Madison to Cairo to Columbus to Wall Street


February 18, 2011: We Cannot Afford Fed Subsidies for Energy Marketing Authorities Offered to Only a Few Regions

hflr01191110500079780 January 19, 2011: China Must Follow Golden Rule of Reciprocity in Trade
hflr01121104500129063 January 12, 2011: Praying for Gabby Giffords and the Other Victims of the AZ Tragedy
hflr01071103800000000 January 7, 2011: Campaign Spending is Out of Control
hflr12211010100016078 December 21, 2010: Honoring the Career of Rep. David Obey
hflr12171002600220422 December 17, 2010: Floor Debate on Kaptur Bill, HR 5510, Aiding Those Facing Foreclosure Act of 2010
hflr121610a00900241438 December 16, 2010: Statement on HR 4853

December 7, 2010: Do Not Ratify US Korea Free Trade Agreement Until It's Truly Free and Fair

hflr09151000600141969 September 15: Vote for Kaptur Bill, the "Made in America Act"
 hflr07281000400258062 July 28, 2010: It's Time to Make Products in America Again
  July 26, 2010: We Must Renegotiate Trade Agreements and Bring Jobs Back Home!
 hflr07221003700101403 July 22, 2010: Studies Show Extension in Unemployment Benefits Will Increase Economic Activity
 hflr071910b01300034110 July 19, 2010: Witholding the Extention of Unemployment Benefits is Cruel
 hflr06301012300000000 June 30, 2010: My Disappointment with the Wall Street Reform Bill
 hflr06291007600078406  June 29, 2010: Will the Wall Street Reform Bill Help With Rising Mortage or Foreclosure Rates?
 hflr06231006600126528 June 23, 2009: Honoring the Service and Life of Congressman Thomas Ludlow Ashley

 June 16, 2010: Remembering the Victims of the NW Ohio Tornado

 hflr06161008600032094 June 16, 2010: Update on Goldman Sachs
 hflr06101006000287953 June 10, 2010: Congratulations to Lindsay Potts Upon Her Retirement
 hflr052410b00900259609 May 24, 2010: The Right to Rent Bill Will Help to Stem the Tide of Foreclosures Still Sweeping Across Our Country
 clip thumbnail May 19, 2010: It is Time to Wake Up and Renegotiate NAFTA-Like Agreements that Keep Moving Our Jobs Offshore and Add to Our Trade Deficit
 hflr051110a01100280656 May 11, 2010:  We Need a Full Cost Accounting of How Much Wall Steet Cost this Economy and We're Far from Calculating It


 hflr05051009300244219 May 5, 2010: Revolving Door between Goldman Sachs, Other Financial Institutions, and the Government
 hflr04281009200064453  April 28, 2010: Today, We Delivered to the DOJ Signatures from 140,000 Americans Calling for an Investigation of Goldman Sachs and Other Financial Institutions
 hflr04221003700191953 April 22, 2010: The DOJ Should Investigate Goldman Sachs and Other Related Cases to Ferret Out and Fight Fraud in Our Financial System
  April 14, 2010:  In Solemn Remembrance of the Holocaust
 hflr02031008400031531 February 3, 2010: Congress Should Rework Legislation to Address the Mortgage, Financial, and Job Crises
 hflr012610a01200233437  January 27, 2010: Job Creation Must Be A Major Priority This Year
 hflr01211000000231828  January 21, 2010: Wall Street Greed
 hflr01201007100000000  January 20, 2010: Wall Street Lineup
 hflr01131005400230073  January 13, 2010: Government Cannot Be the Open Arm for Wall Street's High Risk Future Behavior
 hflr12160909700000000  December 16, 2009: Credit is Still Frozen in this Country
 hflr12100913700217900 December 11, 2009: America Needs a Real Wall Street Reform Bill
 hflr11180907000182483 November 18, 2009: Jobs Now Caucus
 hflr11170904800236697 November 17, 2009: Iraq and the Spoils of Oil
 hflr11070912000047248 November 7, 2009: Stupak Amendment to the Health Care Reform Bill
 hflr102609a01800000000 October 26, 2009: Big Banks Take Your Money and Run
  hflr10230902900128937 October 23, 2009: Overhaul of Compensation for Banking Executives
 clip thumbnail October 22, 2009: Kaptur Backs Solar Technology Bill, Seeing New Opportunities for Northern Ohio
 hflr10210905700000000 October 21, 2009: Our Economy in NW Ohio
 hflr10140907500000000 October 14, 2009: A Tale of Two Cities
 hflr10070904100128297 October 7, 2009: Honoring Casimir Pulaski
 July 31, 2009: America Needs Quality Affordable Healthcare [transcript]
July 22, 2009: The Health of Our Economy [transcript]
 May 12, 2009: America's Trade Deficit is Back on the Rise [transcript]
April 28, 2009: Give America Back to the American People [transcript]
 March 5, 2009: Kaptur questions Secretary Geithner
February 25, 2009: Focus on our Trade Deficit [transcript]
February 23, 2009: The Birthright of America [transcript]
February 12, 2009: Don't Use Federal Funds to Buy At-Risk Loans [transcript ]
February 10, 2009: Tribute to Lake Erie Rescuers [transcript]
eitcpsa.jpg  February 4, 2009: Don't forget to claim your Earned Income Tax Credit!
January 26, 2009:  Our Economy [transcript]
January 22, 2009: Resolution of Disapproval of TARP [transcript]
   January 22, 2009: TARP: More of the Same Bad Policies [transcript]
 January 8, 2009: "Support the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act." [transcript]
 September 25, 2008: "America needs a real financial reform, not a bailout." [transcript]
 September 24, 2008: "Hold your horses." [transcript]
 September 23, 2008: "No Bailout For Executives." [transcript ]
 September 22, 2008: The Game of "Bailout" [transcript]
   September 18, 2008:  Congress should be helping Main Street, not Wall Street
   September 17, 2008: Coming home to Mama
 July 31, 2008: The Paycheck Fairness Act and Workplace Equality for Women.
   June 24, 2008: NAFTA and its Effect on the American Economy
 June 19, 2008: Energy Independence in America
speech  April 22, 2008:
The President's Compassionate Conservatism a Failure in America
speech  April 15, 2008:
Biofuels and Food Insecurity
speech  April 14, 2008:
Oil and the Colombian Free Trade Agreement
 April 9, 2008:
 Oppose the Colombia Free Trade Agreement
" target="_blank">speech  February 6, 2008:
Oil Company Profits And The Budget
 January 22, 2008: Reclaiming the election's integrity
 January 16, 2008: Selling American Economic  Security
Speaking on the Floor
December 4, 2007:
Why America should support a strong energy bill.
November 7, 2007: Marcy urges her colleagues to oppose another Bush NAFTA expansion.