"The Toledo refinery has been selected to process this massive new source of petroleum into gasoline and other fuels. This will lock in our region’s position as a key player in the transportation fuels industry in North America."

Kaptur said she has been in close contact with both the company and the Canadian government in recent months as the project moved toward fruition. "Working with our Canadian neighbors is particularly rewarding as we share the same democratic values and respect for a transparent legal system."

BP in 2007 announced a 50-50 joint venture with Husky Energy, Inc. to develop the Sunrise site and process the crude in Toledo. The project has been complicated by various factors, but is now “moving ahead full throttle,” Kaptur said, “and that’s good news for us.”

The London-based Financial Times said yesterday that “BP has argued that it can make the economics of Sunrise work by integrating it with the Toledo refinery, which can be optimized to make the best use of oil from that source.”