The Affordable Care Act is "a home run" for seniors, Congresswoman Kaptur said during a telephone town hall meeting on Medicare and Social Security.

The new health care law, Congresswoman Kaptur said, "actually expands the ability of seniors to obtain care," and provides a host of free preventive services such as mammograms, prostate exams, colonoscopies, and diabetes screenings. 

She said more than a million Ohioans have already taken advantage of the free preventive services provided by Obamacare.

"The whole intention of the law is to relieve some of the worries that seniors face," Congresswoman Kaptur said. 

And, "you keep the insurance that you have if you like it."

Congresswoman Kaptur also noted that the law requires insurance companies that fail to spend a requisite amount on coverage to pay rebates to their customers.

"They have to return it to the policyholders...and they are screaming bloody murder," she said.

Congresswoman Kaptur said the Obamacare plan "actually puts more money into Medicare and (expands) Medicare's solvency by an additional eight years."

On Social Security, Kaptur said she supports conservative management of the Social Security trust fund accounts.  "Nobody should be gambling with that money for the future."