Congresswoman Kaptur thanked all veterans for “their sacrifice, their patriotism and their love of country.”  She appeared on Sunday’s “Roundtable” public affairs program on Channel 13 in Toledo.

She appeared on the program with representatives of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project, including Richard Baranowski, Bud Fisher and Joe Walter.

Mr. Walter said local volunteers have interviewed hundreds of veterans, just “ordinary people who served in extraordinary times,” about their service in the military.

During the program, moderator Jeff Smith asked Congresswoman Kaptur why she had decided to focus on veterans issues.

“I’m interested, because I’ve never asked you this question, but I wonder, why have you become kind of this champion of veterans affairs?” Smith asked.

Congresswoman Kaptur said it was her family background, including the memories of uncles who had seen war.  She said veterans service is one reason she ran for Congress.  

And she recounted the story of the idea of a World War II Memorial in Washington and her long legislative campaign to make the dream of a memorial a reality.

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