TOLEDO - - Congresswoman Kaptur spoke out tonight in House in favor of Rule and bipartisan bill to meet America's financial obligations, avoid the fiscal cliff, and keep the economy growing through job creation.

She specifically referenced Ohio's towns like Lima, Norwalk, Medina, and Elyria, and so many more, where those who are still unemployed need extensions of their benefits, as do 2 million other Americans.  She pointed out that the bill would allow for that as well as continued reimbursements to doctors to continue caring for Medicare patients across Ohio so those patients will not be turned away.

Congresswoman Kaptur called the bill a victory for middle class families whose taxes would not go up as a result of the bill being she passed.  She pointed out that a similar bill passed the Senate by a vote of 89-8 last evening.  The House should follow suit and do what the American people have been waiting for.

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