Citing public concerns about the disposal of wastewater sludge in Maumee Bay, Congresswoman Kaptur has asked for help from the regional office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Congresswoman Kaptur asked the EPA’s regional administrator to provide technical assistance regarding the application of sludge on a confined disposal facility offshore from Oregon, Ohio.

“The possibility that the (combined disposal facility), known as Facility 3, could be contributing to the toxic algal bloom problem is one that merits exploration and thorough documentation,” Kaptur said in a January 17 letter to Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman.

“At issue are potential contamination problems by pathogens associated with the sludge, and the possibility that the material may be linked to phosphorous-loading in the bay and lake.”

The sludge disposal issue was raised by Toledo City Councilman Michael Collins.