TOLEDO - - Today, Representative Marcy Kaptur announced her support for reinstating the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). With over 150 co-sponsors, the bill will strengthen previous VAWA measures including providing safe homes for women, extending training for healthcare and criminal justice professionals and providing an overall improvement of services for victims of domestic violence while extending resources to those of the LBGT and other communities.

Last year, the Senate with bipartisan support, passed the reauthorization of VAWA, but the Republican leadership in the House did not bring the bill up for a vote.

Congresswoman Kaptur stated, “The Violence Against Women Act has saved millions of women from domestic abuse who were previously neglected. It has brought the horrific realities of domestic violence to light and has provided necessary resources for women to feel protected. This is not the time to neglect those who need our help most.”

For the past two decades of progress, the Violence Against Women Act has helped to keep women of domestic violence safe and free from living in fear. It enhanced criminal laws and enforcement tools to combat violence while prosecuting the perpetrators, provided healthcare funding and support for victims, and it helped to create new laws that protect victims of stalking and rape. Since VAWA was enacted, the rate of partner violence has dropped by 67 percent.

“As a Congress, we have a responsibility to ensure women’s safety, especially in their own homes. VAWA currently has bipartisan support in the Senate and it is up to the Republicans in the House to bring this incredibly important measure to the floor immediately.”

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