WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 9) – Congresswoman Kaptur today announced $133,600 in improvements to roadways in and around the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.
Congresswoman Kaptur said the Federal Highway Administration made the award to improve road conditions to support the refuge’s popular auto tour.
“These improvements will promote increased visitation and access to the incomparable Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge,” said Congresswoman Kaptur.
The auto tours, which are held monthly, involve a seven-mile drive through areas of the refuge that normally are closed to the public. The tours make it possible for the public to see a wider variety of wildlife, including birds.  The Ottawa refuge is reputed to be one of the top 10 birdwatching sites in America.
As visits have surpassed 130,000 annually, the impact on county roads in and around the refuge has increased, even prompting road closures.  In addition, flooding and burrowing animals have created additional hazards to the roadways.