WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 10) -- Congresswoman Kaptur made the following statement this morning on the House floor about the crisis in Syria:


Madam Speaker:

I'd like to thank President Obama for his considered judgment in the matter of Syria and for not headstrong rushing the United States to military action. I thank him for his consultations with members of Congress in both chambers and for allowing the American people time to express their views.

We must all weigh the consequences and repercussions of unilateral U.S. action. As the world's greatest military power, we must employ our power wisely and only with good measure. I have every confidence that our U.S. military can perform any task to which they are ordered successfully. We owe them our deepest respect and gratitude.

I also want to thank and acknowledge the government of Russia for early reports we are learning about regarding discussions underway to rid Syria of weapons caches of danger, both to Syria as well as our global community. Both Russia and the United States, as the world's premiere nuclear powers, hold awesome responsibility to move our world to a more peaceful and stable posture. Surely, we must focus that effort on the very unstable set of states across the Middle East. Russia and our country both have suffered from terrorist attacks and well understand the consequences of unresolved conflict and of terrorists preying on unstable states. My hope is that the Russian initiative gains momentum.

And let all nations of goodwill on our globe find a way forward to address the tragic consequences of the Syrian civil war, starting with greater humanitarian assistance to refugees that have flowed into adjoining nations like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey -- straining the ability of those nations to even hold their internal affairs together.

Surely our world can better address the human suffering that is evident to anyone who is paying attention. Surely, surely, all reasonable world leaders can find a better way forward for Syria and for us all.


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