Kaptur Praises House Vote for Ukraine
WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 6, 2014) -- Congresswoman Kaptur praised an overwhelming bipartisan vote today in the U.S. House of Representatives to approve $1 billion in aid to Ukraine in the wake of last week’s Russian invasion of Crimea.
The measure passed the House 385-23 after it was brought to the House floor by the Appropriations Committee.
“I am proud of our committee for passing the first bill, bringing the first bill to the floor, that stands with freedom lovers in Ukraine and around the world,” said Congresswoman Kaptur, who is a senior member of the committee.
She condemned Russia’s violation of international law and multilateral agreements, saying, “We know a threat to liberty anywhere is a threat to liberty everywhere, and I rise in heartfelt support of this loan guarantee to allow Ukraine time to stabilize and secure its liberty.”
Kaptur said the vote in the House reaffirmed the longstanding principle, which has been missing in recent years, that “politics stops at the water’s edge . . . I commend the bipartisan leadership of this House in acting with dispatch.”
Kaptur, co-chair of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, said “President Obama and Secretary Kerry have been working overtime to exert every effort to bring the free world together in their mutual self-interest—and that interest is liberty. Russia’s invasion of its undefended neighbor, Ukraine, cannot be allowed to stand.”
She said later the vote reaffirmed the longstanding principle in American political life that “politics stops at the water’s edge.”
Earlier in the day, Kaptur addressed a large pro-Ukrainian rally in at Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C.  "Thank you for coming here today and standing with those halfway around the world in our beloved Ukraine, fighting for liberty, and we stand with them.  The world community owes a moral debt to Ukraine."
Earlier today, President Obama signed an executive order authorizing sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.  Moreover, the State Department has imposed travel restrictions on certain individuals and officials.
The House Foreign Relations Committee, meanwhile, approved a resolution condemning Russia’s occupation of Crimea and expressed support for financial and trade sanctions against Russia.