FY2022 Appropriations Request Forms

FY2022 Appropriations Community Project Funding Request Forms:
Deadline March 31, 2021

If you or your organization are interested in submitting a Community Project Funding appropriations requests for Fiscal Year 2022, please fill out and submit the Google Forms below. All requests must be completed before March 31, 2021. Staff will follow up with a select number of submitted requests for additional information and guidance.


For Programmatic or Language Requests: Please continue to reach out to our staff, those forms are separate.


We strongly advise a thorough review of all Community Project Funding materials and information released by the Appropriations Committee in advance of any submission. Please find additional resources here.


FY2022 Appropriations Community Project Funding Request Forms: Deadline March 31, 2021


If you need any assistance, please contact a member of our Legislative team, or call 202-225-4146 to be directed to the appropriate staff member.