Kaptur Statement After Federal Court Strikes Down Ohio Congressional Map as Unconstitutional Partisan Gerrymander

May 3, 2019
Press Release

“Today, Ohio’s Southern District Court justly and unanimously ruled for the people of Ohio,” said Rep. Kaptur. “Extreme radical partisan gerrymandering is about politicians picking their constituents. In a healthy democracy, constituents should be those who pick their elected leaders. In Ohio, our deeply partisan and illegally drawn districts were gerrymandered by Republicans and for Republicans, not for the people. These districts were drawn without regard for existing communities or counties and purposefully diluted the votes of millions of Ohioans. I am optimistic that today’s ruling moves us one step closer to restoration of a fair electoral system in the Buckeye State. A fair map will create compact districts that respect existing communities and counties in Ohio’s home rule tradition. It is our duty to end partisan gerrymandering once and for all, and to restore fair representation for all Americans.”