Kaptur statement on President Trump’s comments deriding NATO allies

July 11, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) today released the following statement after President Trump’s comments deriding our NATO allies:

“I am deeply concerned with the President’s continued undiplomatic, belligerent conduct in public towards our closest Allies at the NATO Summit in Brussels. It is a certainty that through hybrid warfare, Russia is weaponizing energy in countries across Europe, including Germany and Ukraine, creating a dangerous new dependency by recipient nations.

“Fundamentally, Russia seeks to undermine democratic values and institutions by seeding division and conflict. Unity in the Western Alliance is our most important bulwark against repression. It has been forged inter-generationally, at the highest cost, by our soldiers of liberty beating tyranny back from the ramparts of Europe.

“Nordstream II poses new, troubling dependency threats on Europe’s energy security boosting undemocratic Russia’s toehold on the European continent. Facing such a  transformation to European dependency on supply points East means the U.S. must strengthen, not berate publicly our Allies to counter insidious Russian influence wherever it exists.

“Words of the President of United States matter. Risking alienation of the leaders of nations who share our fundamental political values is counterproductive and gives comfort to our enemies.”