Kaptur statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration and refugees

January 29, 2017
Press Release

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Kaptur statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration and refugees
Condemns misguided mandate, invites Trump to meet with refugees who call Ohio home

Washington D.C. -- Today Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) released the following statement in light of confusion and hurt emanating from President Donald Trump's Executive Order ‎on immigration and refugees.

“In New York harbor, not far from President Donald Trump's office tower stands the awesome Statue of Liberty with Emma Lazarus' immortal words, ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ Surely, President Trump has read these words. ‎

“Ancestors of the Trump and Kaptur families both passed through that unforgettable portal as they made their way to America as immigrants. How can we deny to others the gift of freedom bequeathed to us?

"I support robust efforts to make America safe and secure. A workable solution should ensure America's safety without destroying our heritage as an immigrant nation, dedicated to liberty and justice for all.

“President Trump's mandate will make America less safe. It penalizes worthy individuals and ‎actually gives terrorist cells ammunition to use against America. This mandate puts people at risk who have helped America in our battle against terrorism, at home and abroad. It punishes innocent individuals caught in the crossfire of fleeing terror and tribal conflict.

“Dangerously, this misconceived Executive Order will spur anti-American sentiment globally and on the internet, spurring more terrorism, potentially aggravating religious conflict half way around the world. Reckless rhetoric puts our nation at greater risk at home and puts Americans traveling abroad in danger.

“I cordially invite the President to northern Ohio to meet personally with some of the people caught in the crossfire fleeing the terror of war and tribal conflict. A well-crafted policy should enshrine liberty for all law-abiding persons while avoiding unintended consequences that can be used by our enemies to enflame terrorism.”