Kaptur statement on President Trump’s visit to Ohio to discuss infrastructure proposal

March 29, 2018
Press Release

President Donald Trump will visit Richfield, Ohio on Thursday to discuss his infrastructure proposal with the International Union of Operating Engineers. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) issued the following in response to the visit and infrastructure proposal:


“We certainly welcome the President’s attention to Ohio today. An infrastructure overhaul that enhances transportation safety and creates jobs is desperately needed across America. The proposal set forth today, however, is a half-baked start. It relies heavily on funding from already strapped state and local governments, and raises significant concerns about commuter tolls and the sale of public assets to private companies to raise the money. The proposal also eliminates clean air and water protections that keep us all safe. Although there is strong consensus that we need to invest in our transportation links, such as the ports along Lake Erie, the St. Lawrence Seaway System, and our interstates, selling off these vital assets to provide funding for other projects is a reckless start. Privatization may offer short-term funding relief to the transportation budget, but the long-term implications could be dire for our public assets and transportation systems.”