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NEW - Veterans Choice Program: as part of our effort to educate Veterans about the Veterans Choice Program, the Department of Veterans Affairs has created a Veterans Choice Program Toolkit for Outreach Partners.  The full toolkit can be found at:




VA Medical Centers in the 9th Congressional District

The Lewis Stokes Medical Center, located in Cleveland, and the VA Ann Arbor Medical Center, located in Michigan, are the two major VA medical centers that work to provide medical services to all veterans living in the 9th Congressional District.

Ann Arbor VA Hospital
Lewis Stokes Medical Center


Community Based Outpatient Clinics in the 9th Congressional District

VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) are smaller medical facilities that have been established so that veterans do not have to travel to the larger medical centers to receive some of their basic medical care.

Sandusky CBOC
Parma CBOC
Lorain CBOC
Toledo CBOC


Veterans Centers in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District

Veteran Centers assist three groups: combat veterans, families that have lost family members in service, and veterans who have had to deal with Military Sexual Trauma.

Toledo Veterans Center
Cleveland Veterans Center
Parma Veterans Center
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