VA Regional Support

These links will help veterans connect to the offices that handle the majority of VA cases for veterans and their dependents living in the 9th Congressional District.

Cleveland Regional Office – handles all disability claims for the state of Ohio
St. Paul Debit Management Center – handles debts that occur from any VA benefits
Milwaukee Pension Center – aid and attendance, burial, and pension claims
Find the closest VA facility to you
Toll free phone numbers for contacting the VA
Veteran Benefits Administration 


Veteran Service Commissions

Each of Ohio’s 88 counties has a Veteran Service Commission (VSC) that is charged with assisting veterans with everything from VA claims, to certain financial assistance to assisting with burials, etc. To find out more about how these commission can be of assistance to you, please contact your own county’s VSC.

Cuyahoga County Veteran Service Commission
Erie County Veteran Service Commission
Ottawa County Veteran Service Commission
Lorain County Veterans Service Commission
Lucas County Veteran Service Commission


Ohio Department of Veteran Services

Here you will find useful links that will help veterans better connect to services and benefits available to them from the state of Ohio Department of Veteran Services. 

Ohio Department of Veteran Services
Ohio Veteran Home
Ohio Veteran Hall of Fame
Ohio Veteran Bonus Website