Apr 25, 2006- President Bush's Plan to Halt Deposits to the Nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve

June 12, 2007
Press Release
"It's always been said that if you don't like the policies of the Bush Administration, wait six months. Six months ago he opposed many of the steps he is suggesting today. Furthermore, what the President has suggested today I proposed several years ago. Modifying the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a bill I introduced before last summer's gasoline price surge, and one of a package of bills I have introduced to not only encourage but support the use of alternative fuels.

"I invite the endorsement of these bills by the Bush Administration, but I won't hold my breath. Remember that the oil executives who recently testified before the Senate committee scoffed at the idea of price collusion. Also keep in mind, that the Bush budget once again cuts the USDA budget in support of biofuels production by $78 million this year, after proposing similar cuts in each of the past three years. Action speaks louder than words."

Legislation introduced by Rep. Kaptur in the House that encourage and support the use of alternative fuels:

  • H.R.3345
    To expand the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to include alternative fuels, and for other purposes.
  • H.R.1398
    To amend the Clean Air Act to require that, after the year 2010, all gasoline sold in the United States for motor vehicles contain not less than 10 percent ethanol and that all diesel.
  • H.R. 388
    Biofuels Energy Independence Act of 2005.