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Art Competition

Each year my office participates in the Congressional Art Competition. This event showcases high school artistic talent from the Ninth Congressional District. The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo (ACGT) continues its commitment as the long-term host agency for the competition.


If you have any questions about the annual Congressional Art Competition, please feel free to contact my Staff Assistant, Theresa Morris-Ramos, at 1-800-964-4699.


Josh Trout, an 11th-grader at Perkins High School in Sandusky, Ohio is the winner of the 2016 Congressional Arts Caucus contest.

His work "Still Life" is marvelous.

Josh with his mother


Josh with his mother, Suzanne Trout



Still Life


“A Perkins High School student’s captivating artwork is headed to the nation’s capitol.
Josh Trout, a junior, conquered one of the nation's most impressive art competitions this month. He landed first place overall at the 9th District of Ohio's 2016 Congressional Art Competition, the contest’s greatest honor. 
His winning piece, "Still Life," will be displayed in the U.S. Capitol building for an entire year.”