US Service Academy Nominations

Each year many young men and women consider attending one of our nation's service academies: Air Force, Army, Merchant Marine and Navy. It is an honor to nominate a limited number of high school seniors for this honor each year.

If you are interested in attending a service academy it is to your benefit to begin the application process in your junior year in high school. This begins by writing a letter informing our office that you would like to be nominated to a service academy. Please specify which academy and if you are interested in more than one there is no need to send a separate letter for each academy.

After your letter is received you will be sent a personal data sheet for you to fill out and return, instructions for other information, and a card to send to the chosen service academy which will inform them of your interest. Nominations to the service academies are announced in December of your senior year and appointments are announced by the academies the following June. Remember, although a nomination is required for an appointment it is not a guarantee of acceptance by a service academy.

If you are thinking about attending a service academy, please contact our Ohio office.

We are very proud of the previous outstanding nominees from the 9th district, and I hope I can be of help to you if you aspire for a challenging education at a service academy.


Office of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
One Maritime Plaza, Room 600
Toledo, OH 43604
Attn: Karen Harris


2017 U.S. Service Academy Nominees

Kaptur with (from left to right) 2017 nominees: Alexander Winschel, Patrick Bishop and Alec Thompson


2017 U.S. Service Academy Committee

Kaptur with (from left to right) 2017 Committee: Tim Cummings, Lt. Col. Tom Guyton, Lovey Leavell and Gil Golberg