Congressional Ukraine Caucus Co-Chairs Statement Following Trump Attempts to Slow Roll Ukraine Military Aid

August 30, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Co-Chairs of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus Representatives Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and Mike Quigley (D-IL) released the following statement condemning President Trump’s attempts to slow-roll $250 million in congressionally appropriated military aid for Ukraine, known as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.


“President Trump’s decision to slow-walk this congressionally appropriated military funding for Ukraine is disturbing and demonstrates once again his affinity for Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the representatives said in a joint statement. “This funding is vital to preserving democracy in Ukraine and Eastern Europe and must not be delayed or hindered in any way.”


“With Russia’s unprovoked, unwarranted, and murderous invasion of Ukraine, and with over 10,000 innocent Ukrainians now having been killed, the President of the United States should not be a defender of Russian interests. President Trump has repeatedly berated our closest allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, lifted sanctions on Russian oligarchs, and advocated for Russia being allowed back in the G7.”


“The President of the United States should be a champion for liberty, not a pawn for dictators. This funding cannot be delayed.”