Feb 13, 2006- Kaptur Announces "Real Valentine" for Toledo Youth and Families

June 12, 2007
Press Release
Toledo, Ohio -- Calling it "a Real Valentine" for area youth and families, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-9) announced $200,000 in federal support today to the Connecting Point, an intervention and treatment facility in Toledo. The award contributed to the facility's plans to expand and renovate its Cherry Street campus buildings. This is part of a two-phase initiative over the next three years that will include the addition of a residential facility. It will allow residential services for both genders and the integration of a residential and intensive outpatient treatment center for youth with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse.

"I applaud the caring work of the Connecting Point board, and staff, in their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of each of our areas youth," said Kaptur. "Our community believes in the potential of every young person. By securing a firmer foundation for them in their early years, we know we will save lives. We also will see the benefit of this critical life-saving facility providing at risk youth the chance to grow into contributing members of society."

Statistics show that 25 percent of youth experience mental health or substance abuse problems. Many times these diagnoses are interlinked as youth wrongly try to self-medicate with alcohol or street drugs. In the greater Toledo area, nearly 30,000 youth do not graduate from high school and many of these youth have spent time with the juvenile criminal system.

This award resulted from legislation passed by the Congresswoman as part of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD)/Economic Development Initiative (EDI program for Fiscal Year 2006.)

Kaptur joined Connecting Point director, Jeff Deckebach, for today's award announcement. "We really appreciate Marcy's support and we know it will be a great addition to our community." Said Deckebach, "We hope that Marcy will be as proud of this project for the kids and families of Toledo and northwest Ohio as we are." Kaptur added, "I would like to call upon our community to offer its assistance to youth served by Connecting Point and help match this support so every young person has a chance to succeed in living a full life."

Connecting Point is the largest child and youth-focused social service agency in northwest Ohio. It is the treatment provider for youth participating in the Lucas County Juvenile Drug Court. The organization offers a broad range of prevention, advocacy, and treatment services for children, youth, and families.