Jan 12, 2007- Congresswoman Kaptur Supports Medicare Reform Bill as "A Start"

June 12, 2007
Press Release
"It took a Democratic-controlled House to pass this much-needed legislation," Congresswoman Kaptur said. "In a previous Congress, I had tried to bring forward an amendment on negotiated prices, but was refused a vote by the Republican leadership. The real winners today are not only the American taxpayers but also the estimated 42 million Americans who are eligible for prescription drug coverage through Medicare.

"I think Congress should go even farther to improve the prescription drug program, but at least this legislation is a step in the right direction. The American people deserve better, despite the attempts by the big drug companies who are more interested in their own profits than the health of the American people. That's why the drug companies plowed some $14 million into the 2006 congressional elections.

"Medicare is a covenant between the government and the citizens of the United States. I have always supported Medicare and Social Security as lifelines to independent living for our senior citizens, to whom we owe so much. We must keep working for fair, affordable and easy-to-use prescription drug coverage for seniors under the Medicare program.

"Today's legislation is a start."