January 18, 2008: Statement on Economic Stimulus Package

January 18, 2008
Press Release

Rising unemployment, rising food, fuel, and health care costs, the home foreclosure crisis,  rising budget and trade deficits --all demand attention and action. A short term fiscal stimulus that reaches America's workers, families, and communities is a step in the right direction. To build our nation forward at home again, and stem the outsourcing of living wage jobs, requires more than a short-term fix. Our goal must be to invest here at home, and to export more than we import to recapture dollars forfeited abroad.

I have suggested several ideas be incorporated into the short-term bill that will meet immediate needs while also investing in these longer-term objectives. Investing in our roads and community infrastructure creates jobs and improved assets. Clean energy applications will create jobs and  move our nation toward energy independence again. Immediate help in the form of food for our depleted food pantries and food kitchens is essential.

We must work quickly and precisely to address the fears of the American people.  While details of the plan are still being worked out, I look forward to working with Speaker Pelosi and the President to accelerate the economy.