January 28, 2008: Kaptur Responds to the State of the Union Address

January 29, 2008
Press Release

I am truly disappointed by the President’s emphasis on fixing the economy using a flawed trade model and tired, old economic strategies. The President advocates the same job-killing trade policies that have outsourced good jobs for decades. If he wants to turn the American economy around, he should not be encouraging more free trade agreements, but working with Congress to develop a new trade model that creates jobs and benefits those who work hardest building a stronger America.

The President again noted that we must reduce our dependence on oil.  During his Administration, our nation is importing a billion more barrels of oil annually. If his previous policies, both at home and abroad, are any indication, America will suffer further job loss due to this unhealthy addiction to imported oil, and our national security will continue to erode in the name of energy.  To address our oil dependency, America must invest with dispatch in alternative, domestic forms of energy. It is time our nation rids itself of its strategically destructive ties to undemocratic and brutal oil regimes.

I was honored to be joined tonight by a constituent, Charles Herndon, an artist from Kelleys Island, Ohio. This heroic man is responsible for saving the life of a young boy in Lake Erie after a tragic plane crash last year.  Mr. Herndon represents the very essence of America—one that is selfless, protecting, and courageous. This is a man who has saved lives and has selflessly earned his place in the people’s House this evening.