Kaptur introduces resolution disapproving of corrosive nature of money in politics

March 29, 2017
Press Release
Resolution states that Supreme Court misinterpreted First Amendment in Buckley v. Valeo and gave too much power to rich donors

Washington D.C. – Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) today reintroduced the Expressing the Sense of Congress that the Supreme Court Misinterpreted the First Amendment to the Constitution in the Case of Buckley v. Valeo resolution. The Resolution has 11 cosponsors.

“This Resolution sends a message that the Supreme Court is dead wrong when it comes to free speech and campaign spending. Buckley v. Valeo might be an obscure Supreme Court case to some, but this decision took the inviolate First Amendment right away from the people and set the stage for the disastrous Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions. In order to secure free speech as a right of ‘we the people,’ this misinterpretation must be readdressed.

“The wealthy continue to gain influence with more than one-third of President Trump’s high-level government posts given to donors, which is no coincidence.

“This is the People’s House, and we must stand with the people, not major corporations or rich donors who give millions to super PACs. With President Trump’s call to ‘drain the swamp’, I urge my colleagues to act on campaign finance reform and help return the power of campaigns to the people.”

Read the resolution here: PDF iconBuckley v Valeo Resolution of disapproval.pdf

Watch Kaptur's floor speech here.