Kaptur remembers Mayor Pawel Adamowicz of Gdansk, Poland

January 15, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), Dean of the Ohio Delegation and co-chair of the Congressional Poland Caucus today made a statement regarding the murder of Mayor Pawel Adamowicz of Gdansk, Poland. Gdansk has been a sister city of Cleveland, Ohio since 1990.


“As co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Poland Caucus, it is with a truly heavy heart that I rise this morning to express deepest sympathy to our Polish ally, and its countrymen and women on the brutal slaying of visionary Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz. I hold profound respect for his dedication, perseverance, and honorable service to his community and nation. He loved Gdansk as a beacon for a free Poland and gave his life to it. What a deep tragedy this is for his grieving family and associates, and for the Polish nation. Far too much blood has been shed on Polish soil for the world to ignore such a heinous crime. I visited Gdansk in both 2009 and 2013. Through these visits I gained an even deeper respect for its noble history — including as the location where Nazi shelling at Westerplatte began the cataclysmic invasion of Poland starting World War II. Then more recently Gdansk’s redemptive, transformative role in world history with the courageous Solidarnosc worker strikes that trip-wired the collapse of tyranny imposed by the Soviet Union. In our modern era, Gdansk is formally partnered with the city of Cleveland, Ohio in a Sister-Cities relationship. As part of my own of my own Congressional district, I am deeply honored and proud of this exchange.


In Mayor Adamowicz’s memory, I and this Congress stands ready to strengthen this alliance of liberty. In his memory, I will personally pursue an annual exchange in his name to our community our nation of young mentees who follow in his footsteps of pursuit of liberty. Let his death serve as a constant reminder of how precious freedom remains. I am certain Polish law enforcement officials will examine the circumstances surrounding the perpetrator’s actions with a diligent eye. They must ascertain whether any linkages with outside influence or propaganda that might have catalyzed this heinous crime exist. I speak of on behalf of thousands of Polish-Americans in my district, to remind all freedom-loving people that the United States stands with Poland at this hour of mourning. During these uncertain times, we must work to strengthen the transatlantic alliance through increased cultural and diplomatic exchange.”