Kaptur signs Discharge Petition to force Republican House leadership to vote to restore vital Net Neutrality protections

May 25, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), Dean of the Ohio Delegation, signed a discharge petition to force a vote to restore net neutrality protections, after Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans continued inaction to even debate restoring the net neutrality rules the Trump Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) dismantled in December.

“Most Americans will tell you unprompted that cable, phone and internet companies often give customers a bad deal and wield way too much power in Washington,” said Kaptur. “Net neutrality rules ensure consumers are protected from price gouging and other abuses by big telecom companies. Telecom giants have lobbied like crazy to stop this effort, but last week Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate stood up and voted to reinstate these critical consumer protections. Now the House must act.”

“I urge my colleagues to side with the American people and protect the internet for everyone, no matter their race, income or zip code,” Kaptur continued.

Restoring Net Neutrality rules will:

  • Safeguard the open Internet through strong net neutrality protections;
  • Ensure nationwide, competitive broadband options for consumers and small businesses; and
  • Expand Democrats’ Better Deal for Universal High-Speed Internet to bring broadband to every neighborhood, school and farm.

For more information please see this fact sheet prepared by FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and this press release from Congressman Mike Doyle (PA-14), who is leading the effort to restore Net Neutrality protections.