Kaptur Statement in Honor of Toledo Police Officer Anthony Dia

July 7, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) released the following statement in honor of the late Toledo Police Officer Anthony Dia, who was tragically killed in the line of duty in the early hours of July 4th, 2020. Rep. Kaptur has asked the Architect of the Capitol to fly the American flag over the U.S. Capitol in Officer Dia’s memory. The flag will then be provided to Officer Dia’s family. The following statement will be entered into the Congressional Record.


Madam Speaker,


It is with great sadness that I rise today. In my district and my hometown city of Toledo, Ohio, our community is putting to rest a young Toledo Police Officer killed in the line of duty in the early hours of July 4th.


Officer Anthony Dia, 26 years old, was known throughout our community as a dedicated husband, father, son, valiant public servant, and revered member of the Muslim community. In the words of his wife, Jayme Dia, he worked every day of his life to provide for his family, including their two sons, Younes and Maytham. He lived and breathed family. In Officer Dia’s final words, which he radioed to the department after being fatally wounded were: "Tell my family I love them.”


Officer Dia’s death serves as a telling reminder of the constant dangers law enforcement officers face every single day in service to our communities. Officer Dia died a hero – Toledo will never forget his service and the ultimate sacrifice he made for the safety and security of our city and our families.


I join in spirit with our community in Toledo to pay respects at Officer Dia’s memorial service today. My sincerest condolences and prayers are with Officer Dia’s family, the Toledo Police Department, and the entire Toledo community during this in extraordinarily difficult time. Our hearts are broken.


In his memory, today in Washington D.C., an American flag is being hoisted above the U.S. Capitol in his memory to be presented in lasting gratitude for his laying down of his life for those he was sworn to protect and serve.


May the memory of Officer Anthony Dia live on in our hearts and in our community forever.


I yield back.