Kaptur Supports House Judiciary Committee Decision to Formalize Impeachment Inquiry

September 12, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), released the following statement after the House Judiciary Committee voted to pass a resolution to implement procedures for future hearings related to the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to President Donald Trump: 


“Earlier today, the House Judiciary Committee voted to formalize its impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, especially looking into allegations of corruption and coverups swirling around the President. I have long held the belief that we need to hold President Trump and his entire Administration accountable through thorough Congressional investigation by the committees of jurisdiction. That is why I support the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and the Judiciary Committee’s decision to define the scope of their oversight investigation and set the parameters of a formal impeachment inquiry. I look forward to thoroughly examining any conclusions reached by the committee.”