May 24, 2006- Kaptur: Feds Sending $400,000 to Aid Toledo Area Brownfield Work

June 12, 2007
Press Release
A hazardous substance grant of $200,000 and a petroleum grant of $200,000 will be used to conduct community outreach activities, perform environmental site assessments, and to investigate the impacts of exposures on at-risk populations.

The funding will aid the City and the Port Authority to identify potentially hazardous sites and prepare preliminary clean-up plans for those sites. The EPA Brownfield Assessment fund has been used successfully before by the City of Toledo in identifying the extent of contamination in East Toledo's Marina District and to attract clean-up funding to the site.

"We have the opportunity to transform our community eyesores into community gems," said Kaptur. "Identifying sites through community outreach and input is the first step in turning problem properties back into community assets. We can put both people and property back to work.

"Eventual cleanup of the brownfield areas dilapidated and vacant commercial and industrial properties will not only enhance the environmental quality of the area, but will facilitate redevelopment of the properties and will ensure better health and a brighter future for the next generation of Toledoans," said Kaptur.

Brownfields are sites where expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. The brownfields program supports efforts to return America's estimated 450,000 problem properties to productive community use. This year, 209 applicants were selected to receive 292 grants totaling $69.9 million for assessment or cleanup of properties. Toledo has approximately 200 brownfield sites, in addition to the city's abandoned gas stations.