Nov 1, 2006- Federally-Sponsored Research Targets Lake Erie's "Dead Zones"

June 12, 2007
Press Release
The study will focus on recurring low-oxygen episodes, known as hypoxia, in the lake. After a period of decline in hypoxic events during the 1980s and early 1990s, the episodes have once against become a critical issue because they can kill fish and create algal blooms, particularly in the warm and shallow Western Basin.

"The reappearance of 'dead zones' is one of the prime environmental challenges to Lake Erie's long-term health, along with invasive species and nutrient pollution," Congresswoman Kaptur said. "We're hoping this research can unlock the mystery of the 'dead zones' so we can restore the lake habitat to its optimum condition."

Also helping to conduct the research will be Roger Knight of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Peter Richards of Heidelberg College in Tiffin.