Nov 16, 2006- Congresswoman Kaptur Responds to China Commission Report

June 12, 2007
Press Release

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"This report should shock our government into action," Kaptur said. "China's failure to act as a responsible member of the international community is a real threat to American jobs and also to our national security."

Congresswoman Kaptur, a member of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, said the commission has concluded that China has abetted the proliferation of nuclear weapons in North Korea and Iran, ignored its obligations under international trade laws, and embarked on a dangerous and aggressive military buildup.

"We can no longer look the other way while China emerges as an economic and military superpower with little regard for international norms. This report is a clarion call for a dramatic change in U.S. policy toward our leading competitor," she said.

Congresswoman Kaptur cited three statements in the commission's report:

Nuclear Proliferation: "China's continuing record of proliferation, including its indulgence of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs and its involvement in Iran's program is deeply destabilizing ... Given strong U.S. interests in both regions, Chinese proliferation threatens U.S. security and potentially could place at risk U.S. troops operating in those regions."

Jobs and Fair Trade. "China's adherence to its many World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations remains spotty and halting in important areas five years after China attained membership ... China artificially lowers the value of its currency to maintain an export-led trade policy."

Manufacturing. "China's WTO-illegal trade practices are serving to hollow out the U.S. manufacturing base. The loss of America's sophisticated manufacturing capabilities has serious national security implications."