Sep 18, 2006- New Jobs in Ottawa County

June 12, 2007
Press Release
Cleveland-based Brush Wellman, the world's only fully integrated producer of beryllium, chose Elmore over another company facility located in Utah as the site for the $40-60 million investment in a primary beryllium facility.

"This is a red-letter day for Elmore and for Ottawa County," said Congresswoman Kaptur, who has worked to appropriate more than $18 million from the U.S Department of Defense for beryllium production as a strategic metal in defense preparedness. Kaptur is a member of the influential Defense Appropriations Subcommittee in the House of Representatives.

"Brush Wellman already employs almost 600 workers at the Elmore plant, making it one of the major employers in the area. This announcement will strengthen the position of the Elmore plant as a key cog in our national defense preparedness strategy," said Congresswoman Kaptur.

Brush Wellman's decision to locate the primary beryllium facility in Elmore was determined in part through design and engineering work over the past year that was funded under a $9 million contract as part of the Defense Production Act. Brush officials cited state and local incentives, the availability of an experienced workforce, and the proximity to other support services as key factors in choosing Elmore over the Utah site.

"We know it was a tough decision," said Congresswoman Kaptur, "but we know the company made the right choice when it decided to invest in the Elmore facility and the workers here. This announcement truly demonstrates what can happen when all parties work together."

Under a public-private cost sharing partnership created under the Defense Production Act, Brush Wellman will provide the land, buildings and technology while the government will fund engineering and design as well as equipment. Construction is expected to be completed within approximately three years.



"Congresswoman Kaptur and Brush Wellman officials greet a worker during shift change at the Elmore plant. Congresswoman Kaptur announced the creation of a new $40-60 million investment that will create more jobs at the Elmore facility."