Read to Succeed

Rep. Marcy Kaptur invites the people of Ohio to join the Read To Succeed challenge

  • Taking just 20 minutes each day to read with children can have a huge impact. Reading stories is a wonderful way to nourish a love of words with children of all ages, even babies. This short time spent reading together will expose children to 1.8 million words every year. This will make a huge difference in helping them succeed as they grow up.

  • Our libraries represent a phenomenal resource for children! Did you know that you and your children can get a free library card from your local library? Think about enrolling your children in a Summer Reading Program or Homework Help programs during the school year.

  • Watching PBS Kids programs with your child, such as Martha Speaks, can be fun. And with modern technology, you can download their early reading and literacy apps, such as Reading Rockets for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Experts say that a child should be well on their way to four thousand words by Kindergarten, so we have to work together and help one another to make sure the children in our region begin their reading adventure as early as possible.

  • Please consider how you and your family or organization you are associated with can do something to help our children succeed in reading.

  • Reading to Succeed will build a child’s confidence in school and sets the pathway for success and satisfaction in life.

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