Press Releases

September 10, 2020 Press Release
Nothing in Ohio Law Prohibits LaRose from Prepaying Return Postage on Both Ballot Application Forms & Ballots Themselves Ohio Lawmakers Demand LaRose Use His Authority to Provide Prepaid Postage to Eliminate Voting Barriers
September 2, 2020 Press Release
The Belarusian government, one of Europe’s only remaining dictatorships, has led a violent crackdown on its citizens following a fraudulent election
September 2, 2020 Press Release
Republicans and Democrats Join Together to Ask that Fisheries in the Great Lakes Basin are Eligible for Future Emergency Funding from Congress
July 31, 2020 Press Release
$93.6 Billion Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill includes billions to restore the Great Lakes, spur energy innovation, mitigate and adapt to climate change, improve water infrastructure, strengthen national security, and respond to challenges created by COVID-19
July 30, 2020 Press Release
Measure would provide funds to build system that would serve tens of millions underbanked Americans, strengthen post office for years to come