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June 12, 2007 Speech


June 12, 2007 Press Release
America will send a new generation of explorers to the moon aboard NASA's Orion crew exploration vehicle. Making its first flights early in the next decade, Orion is part of the Constellation Program to send human explorers back to the moon, and then onward to Mars and other destinations in the solar system.

A component of the Vision for Space Exploration, Orion's development is

June 12, 2007 Press Release

"Our nation has made great strides since the first Earth Day in 1970," said Congresswoman Kaptur. "From the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act to creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, our response to pollution has become more robust. We have begun the cleanup of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes, which has spurred greater tourism and more economic opportunities.

June 12, 2007 Press Release
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Trucking Safety Act would prohibit trucks based in Mexico from entering the U.S. from entering the United States beyond commercial zones until the U.S. Department of Transportation promulgates rules for compliance by Mexican drivers and carriers with federal safety regulations.

June 12, 2007 Press Release
Congresswoman Kaptur, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, said Plum Brook will be the site for integrated vertical tests of NASA's fully-assembled new spacecraft, Orion, whose mission will be to explore Earth's Moon and the planet Mars.

The contract will be carried out by the Glenn Research Center, which last year

June 12, 2007 Press Release
Other winners include:

Runners up: Sonya Shiffler (Waite High School) and Blythe Worstell (Whitmer High School)

June 12, 2007 Press Release
According to Oberlin Fire Chief Dennis Kirin, the federal award will be used to purchase a mobile “live fire simulator” for use in training firefighters in Oberlin and throughout the area. It is estimated that the federal award will cover 95 percent of the cost of the simulator, with five percent coming from local sources.

June 12, 2007 Press Release
Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution grants to the legislative branch the power "to regulate commerce with foreign nations."

Fast track is an artifice that emasculates the role of the legislative branch and transfers undue power over international trade to the executive branch. It empowers the executive branch to negotiate and sign international

June 12, 2007 Press Release
"The Earned Income Tax Credit brings hundreds of thousands of tax dollars back to our community," said Congresswoman Kaptur. "The Earned Income Credit is there for working families who qualify, but to get it, they have to claim it on their tax forms.

The Earned Income Credit, Kaptur explained, is a tax credit for people who

June 12, 2007 Press Release
"As a longtime advocate for ethanol and the development of biodiesel technologies, I am thrilled that our new Democratic Majority has tackled this important matter so early in its session. I am pleased that today we are taking some important steps in shifting how federal resources are used - taking them away from preferential treatment for an industry with record profits and instead